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  1. First make sure that all 3 of your requested dates are currently available on the online calendar, click here: check availability.
  2. All dates are secured on a first-come, first-serve basis by email time stamp.  That way if we're working events over the weekend, busy or outside of office hours, we can secure dates in the order received.  It's the only way we've found to be fair to everyone!
  3. Dates can only be secured by email through this contact form - not text, phone call, voice mail, instagram direct message, in person etc.  By sending this booking request form, it is not a guarantee that any of your top requested dates will be secured, this form is simply a "request to book."
  4. V&V cannot hold a date, or notify you if someone is looking at your date - all dates are either booked or available.  Every client can only book, and have intent to book, one date.  V&V does not keep a wait list on dates and we cannot notify you if your first or second choice date, or other interested dates, become available.
  5. Availability changes daily - please feel free to check our online calendar as often as you'd like.
  6. V&V cannot guarantee or assist with identifying city/road closures, or other city functions.  This is something your coordinator can assist with.  It’s a good idea to check public city calendars and reach out to the Arlington Theater (across the street) to make sure there’s nothing happening in the city that may conflict with your booked date at V&V.  Some such city functions to consider checking are: Fiesta, Summer Solstice, city car shows, SB Film Festival, SB Tree Lighting, and any parades happening around national holidays.


  1. Fill out this booking request form.  (Make sure you see confirmation that your email was sent).
  2. V&V will reply by email, and send you the rental agreement and "booking estimate" to sign, based on the availability of your requested dates to book.   
    (For example, if your first choice date becomes booked we'll automatically move to securing your second or third choice date).
  3. You will have 72 hours to sign the rental agreement and booking estimate and return back to V&V.  If both of those documents are not received within 72 hours, your date will automatically be released without notification to someone else to book, and we will assume you no longer are interested in securing V&V.  After the 72 hours have expired, should you wish to begin the process of securing an open date again, the entire process will begin again with you needing to re-send this form once more.
  4. Only if it has been (2) full business days (M-F) and you've not received a response to your sent booking request form, please email directly to [email protected], [email protected] and/or text to: 805-450-1102 to make sure there's not a computer glitch on either end.

NOTE:  Through covid, and coming out of it, we suspended the usually required $2,000 event deposit.  We are still suspending that and not requiring it at this moment to secure a date.  At a future time in the planning process it’ll be likely we reinstate that event deposit requirement and we will let you know via email when that happens, and at which time the $2,000 will be due and required to continue your booking.   So, until further notice, it’s just the signed rental agreement and booking estimate required to secure your date.

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I understand submission of this booking form is not a request for general information, but a request to book a date.  Confirming I’m ready to proceed with securing a date at V&V and all 3 of my requested dates currently show as available on the V&V calendar.
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